F.A.Q s About Our Dog Training

Q: What is  K9 HomeSmart™ Dog Training?

A: K9 HomeSmart is where we come to your home and fix your dog behaviour problem. With our program we are able to fix all dog problems and prevent new ones from appearing. Effective, realistic and focused dog training that works.

Q: There are so many Dog Training companies, why are you better?

A: Our Company has been training dogs for close to thirty years, that in itself means nothing if the trainer has only limited exposure to dog training during that time. We are constantly assessing our business and how our training as a professional business fits into the everyday life of you and your
dog. We have extensive experience training many dogs for a wide client base all over the globe. We take our dog training profession serious and treat each dog and owner with compassion and individuality, meaning that our training methods are adaptive and relevant. On this site you will see our prices. This gives you information that we ourselves expect when we visit a service delivery website. We have the intelligence and experience to teach you the client the correct way to handle your dog with ease, allowing you to get the most from your training.

Q: How do you determine which dog training method you use on my dog?

A: Again there are many “methods” and your dog training needs will depend on you and your dog, its problem or problems. We do not handle an aggressive dog the same way you would handle a
dog with an escaping problem. What we do works.The main point is we will deal with it, quickly, effectively and in a manner that eases your frustrations not create new ones.

Q: Do you recommend dog training equipment?

A: All of our K9 Smart Programs are conducted with a flat comfortable collar and lead you will be amazed at the results and the ease of our training. It actually works!

Q: How long does it take to train my dog?

A: Training a canine is NOT a one lesson session it takes time and commitment but with the correct instruction for your dog there will be less time spent in frustration.

Q: When can I expect to see results because of your dog training?

A: You will notice a change the first lesson! Guaranteed

Q: What exactly will you do?

A: Our dog training work is transparent, safe and fits within all relevant guidelines. We are qualified and experienced and take our dog training and our customers experience seriously. We train you and your dog. We assess each dogs problem individually and decide with you on
an outcome.

Q: I am looking at your K9 BoardSmart™ Boarding and Training program, but I am going to be away for three weeks?

A: Our boarding and training programs run for initially 10 days. If you are going away we can extend your boarding for 21 days, or longer if required. Flexibility is an unwritten rule by smart trainers, when it comes to training dogs.

Smarter Choice K9 Smart™ Programs

Dog Training Gold Coast
Dog Training Gold Coast