Dog Training and Boarding

Dog Boarding Programs for Your Dog and we do all the hard work!

Our Dog Boarding and Training Courses includes the following:

  • Initial Behavioural Assessment
  • Core Training throughout the stay
  • Obedience Exercises
  • Behaviour Development
  • Transitional Exercises
  • Free Handover Lesson
  • Ongoing Email and Phone Support
  • All Food – Quality Biscuits and meat
  • Medication can be administered but must be supplied by you the owner

in this program we will apply a focused training program to your dog in our safe, clean and comfortable kennels. The advantage of this type of training is you will be instantly relieved of the frustrations you are experiencing with your dog, the frustrations that prompted you to seek the assistance of a dog trainer. After completing our BoardSmart™ training program your dog will be controlled, reliable and enjoyable. We will show you how to best handle your dog, as every dog and environment is different.

This form of training is an excellent way to maximize your dog’s time in the kennel. It will enjoy the stay because of the daily stimulus provided by the the training program. It is perfect for people that don’t necessarily have the time to attend private training or group classes but still want a controlled dog in public and around the home.

We have the facilities to board your dog and while it is in boarding we can also carry out any of our training courses that you feel dog may require. Your dog will be trained every day, guaranteed.
The amount of training a day your dog will receive depends on the actual course it is undertaking and the temperament of your dog. Each time your dog has a training session it is with a specific goal in mind. If that goal for that session is reached in 5 minutes the training will cease.
We will always finish any session on a “WIN”, that way the dog will go back to the kennel happy. The session times may change with each exercise but we will do three to four training or play sessions a day.
As well as the training sessions, we incorporate quality play times. This is an extremely important part of our training schedules as it allows us to develop a training bond with your dog, which in turn leads to better training sessions.
We have had a great success rate with these courses because we are able to concentrate on a training format each day and with all due respect, we do not have to train you the handler at the same time which makes the learning for your dog more intensive.
There is a pick up and delivery for a fee or you can drop your dog off to us at your cost.
If you do decide to choose the Training and Boarding Course it includes a FREE hand back instruction lesson and continual online or phone support.
All boarding and training fees are discussed when you apply. As you can understand each dogs situation is different, and because of this fees will always vary.

Boarding facilities:

  • 24 Hour Vet On Call
  • Dog orientated personnel on the premises at all times
  • Hygiene, cleanliness and feeding a priority
  • Large playtime yards
  • Quality food (biscuits) and meat

Please note before we can not take in a dog that has not been vaccinated with a C5 Vaccination. Dogs in an unclean, unhealthy condition cannot be facilitated at our kennels using our BoardSmart™ Dog Training program, but we can train you in the correct care and welfare of your dog. This is easy to implement and we can show you how.

Dog Training Gold Coast