Puppy Training

Puppy Training In Your Home Safe and Stress Free!

We will teach new puppy owners through our unique training program, the correct procedures in the handling, training, rearing and socialisation of young puppies from 8 weeks of age. (We will interact with a pup that is younger but a puppy should be with its mother until at least 8 weeks) Sometimes this is not possible, but remember this is a critical time for puppies to develop behaviour patterns through imprinting. In other words what happens to your new puppy stays with them and affects them their entire life.

One of the most common problems we encounter is puppy nipping. Even though the pup, at this age, cannot do a lot of physical damage, the attitude that is developing towards you other dogs is certainly undesirable
We know that puppy training is very important to the character development of your pup. ALL veterinarians will certainly agree.

This lesson is conducted at your home and it is best if the whole family is involved.

In Home K9 Puppy Smart™ Program Includes

  • Basic canine psychology
  • Effective communication – human to canine
  • Equipment essentials
  • Pre-command exercises
  • Owner/family interaction
  • The essential exercises for every pup and owner
  • Socialisation exercises
  • Puppy grooming, diet and welfare

In this program you will learn how to communicate effectively with your new pup. This crucial stage in the pup’s life needs repetitive, specific and and balanced behaviour development
It is crucial that the owners are collective in their training efforts with the pup so a proper human/canine pack structure develops. We will show how to handle your puppy the right way the first time.

Dog Training Gold Coast
Dog Training Gold Coast